The art and festive moments from Ukraine’s wartime Christmas

As the war in Ukraine has continued to Christmas, a fair bit of war-themed Christmas art was created.

This art is interesting as it combines war with a holiday widely associated with peace, family, gifts, joy, and so on.

Unsurprisingly, pictures and videos were also widely shared of Ukrainian soldiers and citizens celebrating Christmas during war.

Note, the majority of Ukrainians are Orthodox Christians. So, their Christmas is generally celebrated not on December 25th but on January 7th.

Despite this difference in dates, war-themed Christmas art was shared a fair bit by Ukrainian organizations, officials, and people. But this is understandable as illustrating the horrors of this war to the west is a huge aspect of the Ukrainian war effort.

Altogether, I see these pieces of art, pictures, and videos as historically important. Plus I figure you all, the readers will find them as interesting as I do.

So, I did some looking and gathered what I found below.


Ukrainian war-themed Christmas art












Moments from Ukraine’s wartime Christmas 


Someone dressed as Santa Claus delivering presents to kids in the frontline city of Sloviansk.


A Humvee with Christmas decorations transporting gifts and Santa Claus. (from the same moment as the previous photo)


Ukrainian soldiers celebrating Christmas.


A Ukrainian soldier putting up decorations in a trench.


A Ukrainian Air Force pilot and a fighter with Christmas decorations.


Special thanks to @macmillies on Instagram who aided me in collection.

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The Filthy American
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