At Least 7 Dead in Jerusalem Synagogue Shooting

At Least 7 Dead in Jerusalem Synagogue Shooting


At least seven people were killed Friday night during a shooting that targeted a synagogue in Jerusalem, according to Israeli officials. The attack comes amid rising tensions and tit for tat clashes between Israeli military forces and Palestinian militant groups.

According to Israeli police and emergency services, the suspect arrived at the synagogue in the Neve Yaakov neighborhood at around 8:15 pm local time and began to open fire shortly afterwards. At least five people were killed on scene, with two others succumbing to their wounds shortly afterwards. Local media have suggested that over a dozen others were left wounded. The suspect was then said to have fled the scene, but was killed in a shootout with Israeli authorities.

An exact motive behind the attack remains unclear at this time and if it’s in retaliation to recent Israeli military operations over the past several days.

Celebrations have begun in areas of Gaza and the West Bank in the aftermath of the shooting, which is a common occurrence following attacks against Israel.

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