Two Dead in Shootout During Brazen Plane Heist at Santiago Airport

Two people are dead after a group of armed gunmen attempted to carry out a brazen airport heist on Wednesday targeting a plane carrying $32.5 million in Santiago, Chile.

According to Chilean officials, a group of about 10 heavily armed gunmen in armored vehicles bypassed security and entered the runway of Arturo Merino Benítez International Airport. The target was a Latam airlines aircraft from Miami carrying $32.5 million in cash that was set to be transferred into armored trucks and distributed to several banks across the country.

The gunmen were confronted by security forces at the aircraft and a large shootout left one Directorate General of Civil Aviation officer and one robber dead. The rest of the gunmen fled the scene and currently remain at large. Deputy Interior Minister Manuel Monsalve described the incident as a “highly organized, highly armed and probably very well-planned robbery.”

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