Ukrainian Sabotage Hits Rail Connection, Bryansk, Russia

At approximately 0430 EST, reports began to emerge on pro-Russian social media of an explosion on the Bryansk- Unecha rail line, causing several rail cars to leave the track. The derailment of seven to eight cars occurred near Unecha in Bryan’s Oblast. The cars were carrying petrol and lumber products.

There have been no reported casualties, but the railway still has not been cleared. Police are searching for a man dressed in black and wearing a black backpack. At the scene, several unexplored grenades and fuses were found.


This derailment caused several delays and passenger trains No.202 Novozybkov to Moscow and No. 86 from Klimov to Moscow were halted and reportedly still delayed as of this publication.

This rail line services the Klintsy hub and connections into Belarus, especially Gomel. This incident follows several hundred incidents throughout Southern Russia and Belarus in which pro-Ukrainian partisans claim to degrade logistics around Ukraine.

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