Israel Confirms Fatality After Completing Withdrawal from Jenin, Gaza Responds with Rocket Fire

Israel Confirms Fatality After Completing Withdrawal from Jenin, Gaza Responds with Rocket Fire


The death toll from the operation in Jenin has officially risen on both sides as the Palestinian Health Ministry reports that 12 Palestinians were killed, and Israel has admitted to a fatality, saying an NCO was killed by gunfire on Tuesday evening.

As of publication Israel has fully withdrawn from the Jenin camp, after Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced the operation would soon be coming to a close. After the Israeli withdrawal celebrations in Jenin began, but the Israeli operation had some significant successes, namely in shutting down several weapons making sites and arresting a large number of militants. Despite this, Palestinian militant groups have declared the battle a victory, though Jenin faces a difficult road to recovery due to the significant infrastructure damage inflicted.

After Israel had withdrawn fully the Palestinian Authority (PA) made their return to Jenin, welcomed by a number of rocks thrown at them by various Jenin residents. As Israeli forces gathered on the outskirts of Jenin before the initial assault, PA forces withdrew from the town in order to not interfere with Israeli operations. Though they continually condemned Israeli action, they did not intervene in the operation for either side.

Palestinian groups have asserted that Israel’s death toll is much higher than they are admitting to. While many of the claims were without evidence, two videos were posted close to the end of the operation which claim to show Israeli forces carrying more than one body bag. Officially speaking, however, only one Israeli soldier was killed during the operation.

While the present fight is over, lasting around 2 days in total, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has stated that this will not be the last Israeli operation in Jenin, though it is unknown when the next one will be.

The UN security council is soon set to hold a meeting about the recent escalations in Israel/Palestine, with many internationally calling for a reduction in tension.

The raid saw a significant number of Israeli airstrikes, some using drones and helicopters. Until recently, Israeli forced had not used drones or helicopters in such a manner since the early-mid 2000’s.

As was expected by Israeli authorities, a small amount of rocket fire was earlier reported from Gaza, with a few impacts in Sderot. Approximately 6 rockets were fired, with three interceptions.

After the rockets from Gaza the Israeli’s launched airstrikes on militant sites in Beit Lahia as well as Ajlin. Gaza’s response to the Jenin operation has been distinctly limited, with this being the only case of a rocket attack since the operation began.

Sébastien Gray
Sébastien Gray
Sébastien Gray is a published journalist and historicist with over 5 years experience in writing. A part of the GoodHistory team.
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