Third Convoy of Wagner Forces Enters Belarus, Intensifying Presence

Wagner troops continue their move into Belarus after their short-lived mutiny last month.

According to a Belarusian activist group monitoring troop movements, over 100 vehicles displaying Russian flags and Wagner insignia entered Belarus on Monday, heading towards a field camp provided by Belarusian authorities.

The convoy, made up of heavy trucks, trailers loaded with construction equipment, and other vehicles, marks the third major movement of Wagner forces into the country.

To show off Wagner’s presence, Belarusian state TV aired footage on Friday showing Wagner instructors conducting training sessions with Belarusian forces.


Adding to the evidence of Wagner’s presence in Belarus, Yevgeny Prigozhin, the leader Wagner, reportedly spent a night at a camp near Tsel, located approximately 90 kilometers southeast of the capital city, Minsk.

This pretty amusing photograph purportedly shows Prigozhin inside a tent at the new camp.

Prigozhin at the new Wagner camp in Belarus.

Although Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko, maintains that his country’s military could benefit from the mercenaries’ combat experience, he adamantly denies any threat to Belarusian stability. Nevertheless, Belarusian security agencies will likely monitor the activities of the Wagner group.

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