FARC and Colombian Army Clashes in Cauca

FARC and Colombian Army Clashes in Cauca


Violent clashes between the FARC dissidents and the Colombian Army occurred early on Sunday morning in Cauca, Colombia. The clashes have taken place in the town of Toribio. In numerous videos released online gunshots can be heard in the rural, mountainous area. There are no reports of any civilian casualties.

The violence is taking place in a wider trend of violence in Cauca where the Colombian Army is conducting a counter-offensive against the FARC dissidents who control large parts of the rural territory. The FARC dissidents are members of the leftist insurgency the FARC who rejected the 2016 peace deal. The FARC dissidents are heavily involved in Colombia’s cocaine trade. Cauca is a violent department in Colombia due to its importance for the cocaine trade as its rural landscape is key for coca cultivation and it also holds numerous key points for cocaine trafficking routes.

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