Ukraine Deploys New ATACMS Missiles

What You Need To Know:

On Tuesday, Ukraine used ATACMS missiles for the first time against Russian forces.

Recently acquired from the United States, these missiles significantly enhance Ukraine’s ability to strike deep into Russian-held territory.

The Details:

Provided by the U.S., the ATACMS system has been a long-sought asset for Ukraine. These surface-to-surface missiles, compatible with HIMARS launchers, were first supplied last year.

These first strikes, targeted Russian airfields and helicopters near Luhansk and Berdyansk.

With a range of approximately 100 miles, these ATACMS variants are a formidable addition to Ukraine’s arsenal. The decision to provide them was driven by Ukraine’s insistence on their importance for striking deep into Russian-held territory.

Reportedly, the attacks destroyed nine helicopters, an air defense launcher, and an ammunition depot. The strikes were focused on airfields identified as key bases for Russian aircraft, military hardware, and ammunition in the occupied territories.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky confirmed the acquisition of these missiles, lauding their precision and extending gratitude to the U.S. Yuriy Ihnat, spokesperson for Ukraine’s Air Force, emphasized the crucial role of these long-range strikes against Russian air bases in their broader strategy to weaken Russian forces during the counteroffensive.

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