IDF Discovers Largest Hamas Tunnel So Far, Only 400m From Erez Border Crossing

The Israeli Defense Forces have unveiled video and photo evidence of the largest Hamas tunnel network since operations began in the Gaza Strip after the horrific terrorist attacks on October 7th, 2023.

The tunnel entrance was discovered about 400 meters south of the heavily-trafficked Erez border crossing point where Gaza civilians and laborers would transit daily to execute their Israeli work permits. The description of the tunnel network from the IDF reads below:

“The IDF has carried out exploration operations in the tunnel and has so far uncovered over 4 km of the tunnel’s route, which reaches a maximum depth of about 50 meters. The nearest shaft of the tunnel is located about 400 meters from the ‘Arez’ which was used for the passage of laborers, merchants, and patients for medical treatment in Israel in recent years.

The route has several branches and splits which form a wide and branched network of tunnels. Along the route are sewerage, electricity, communication and telephony infrastructures, as well as the overhead doors that were designed to prevent the entry of IDF forces. The tunnel allows the movement of vehicles inside it and many weapons of the terrorist organization Hamas were found in it.

The tunnel construction project included a team of dozens of terrorists who came especially for its construction from Khan Yunis to the north of the Gaza Strip. In the construction of the tunnel, materials that have not been seen so far in tactical tunnels of the terrorist organization Hamas were used, as well as the use of special digging machines that were smuggled into the Strip. According to estimates, Hamas invested millions of dollars in the underground layout throughout the Strip.”

The Erez Crossing is a border crossing between the Gaza Strip and Israel. It is located at the northern end of the Gaza Strip, between the Israeli kibbutz of Erez and the Palestinian town of Beit Hanoun.

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