Eleven IRGC Officers Reportedly Killed by Israeli Airstrike, Damascus, Syria

Update (1221 EST): IRGC Spokesperson Sharif has denied claims that personnel were killed in Syria. He casts the media claims are “baseless”.

As this publication reported last night, Israel airstrikes targeted the Damascus International Airport and a Syrian military air defense site.

Initially, Syrian government sources only reported material losses at the defense site. However, by 0800 EST, Al Arabiya reported that the strike targeted a large precession of Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps Officers at the airport. The group was reportedly receiving a high-ranking delegation. The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights confirmed the killing, but said it was unclear if they were killed at the airport or after departing.

In addition to the 11 killed, IRGC Commander in Eastern Syria, Nurt Rashid was reportedly injured, but still alive. The Iranian government has not responded to these reports as of this publication. However, if true, the response is sure to be significant considering Iranian vows of vengeance after Brig. Gen. Razi Mousavi was killed by an Israeli strike in Damascus four days ago.

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