Russian Federation Launches Largest Single Day Air Attack Since War Began

Update (0236 EST): All-clear sirens have been given across Ukraine, the attack seems to have concluded.

As this publication reported earlier today, at least twenty long range aviation bombers launched waves of air-to-surface munitions at targets in Central and Eastern Ukraine, especially Kharkiv.

This wave was preceded by a wave of Shahed-136 drones which struck central and Western Ukraine, especially Lyiv.

After that publication, a third wave of surface to air missiles in surface to surface mode, air to ground munitions from other LRA assets, and other projectiles hit Kyiv and other cities. This wave started around 0030 EST and is ongoing. A warehouse was destroyed in the Podilsky district which has resulted in “many casualties.” Tonight’s open-source reports have been immense with hundreds of individual accounts across Ukraine reporting strikes and Russian aviation activity.

Ukrainian Air Force Spokesperson Inhat told press:

”Russia launched everything except the Calibers. The invaders used Daggers, ballistics, S-300, cruise missiles, UAVs, Kh-22 or Kh-32. About 18 strategic bombers launched X-101/X-555. We have never seen so many targets on our monitor at the same time.”

While official reports have not been tallied as of this publication, at least 100 projectiles were launched and at least eight Ukrainian civilians have been killed, most of those being in Kyiv. Several bodies are still under rubble in the aforementioned warehouse strike.

Other significant reports include a high rise residential building in Kyiv, Schevchenkivskyi district residential buildings, Lukianivska Metro Station in Kyiv, a Kyivskyi district hospital in Kharkiv, a shopping mall in Dnipro, and other locations.

As of this publication, Russian strikes are ongoing.

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