United States Carries Out Additional Strikes Against the Houthis in Yemen

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The United States has carried out additional strikes against Houthi forces, with explosions reported in the capital of Sana’a and aircraft activity over the port of al-Hudaydah.

The strikes, which appear to be limited, come one day after the United States, backed by United Kingdom warplanes, carried out over 100 strikes against dozens of Houthi command and control nodes, drone/missile depots, launching systems, production facilities, and air defense radar systems across western Yemen.

Earlier today, the Houthis, who have vowed to continue attacks in the Red Sea despite American retaliation, targeted another commercial vessel. It remains unclear if the latest strikes were in response to this or done proactively to stop further attacks.

The Houthis have not retaliated to yesterday’s strikes and there have been no credible indications that American warships have been targeted in the region.