“Extreme Violence” At Malmo Latin School in Malmo Sweden


Update: Swedish Police have confirmed that an 18-year-old student has killed two 50-year-old female teachers with an “axe, knife, and hammer”, at the school. While no motive or storyboard has been released, we do know the suspect is in custody.

Update: A suspect has been detained by Swedish Police. At least two have been taken from the scene via ambulance with an untold further number injured.

According to the principal at Malmo Latin School in Malmo, Sweden, an “incident of extreme violence has left several people injured as multiple police cars and ambulances surrounding the premises. At least two people have been hospitalized.

Civilians on the ground report smelling smoke as specially armed police units have entered the building.

Malmo latinskola or Malmo Latin School is a historic educational institution in Malmo, Sweden. It was founded in 1406 when Pope Innocentius VII issued a letter of privilege allowing for its construction and operation. It was originally meant to educate the local youth on Christian doctrine and the Latin language. It has continually taught primary school-aged children for more than 600 years.

This story is developing.

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