Swedish Social Democratic Party Approves Swedish Application to NATO, With Conditions

Moments ago the Swedish Social Democratic Party, the majority ruling party in Sweden, made a statement saying they will work towards the approval of the NATO application, and if accepted, will support military and political alliance agreements. However, the party did attach two significant strings, no nuclear weapons will be stationed in Sweden, and no permanent foreign military bases will be established in Sweden. The full text of the announcement, translated:

“At its meeting today, 15 May 2022, the Social Democrats party board has decided that the party will work for Sweden to apply for membership in NATO. The Social Democrats will thus work to ensure that Sweden if the application is approved by NATO, expresses unilateral reservations against the deployment of nuclear weapons and permanent bases on Swedish territory.

At 18.00, a press conference will be held on Sveavägen 68. Only already accredited media may participate. The press conference will be attended by party chairman Magdalena Andersson, party secretary Tobias Baudin, Minister of Foreign Affairs Ann Linde and Minister of Defense Peter Hultqvist”

Since Sweden signed the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Agreement in 1972 followed by the scrapping of its nuclear weapons program in 1968, it makes sense why the Social Democrats do not wish to change that precedent. The United States and Russia have nuclear weapons across their territory. The U.S. also has nuclear weapons in Europe, at air bases in NATO members Belgium, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands and Turkey. France and the United Kingdom also have nuclear weapons based on their own territory.

The Swedish Social Democratic Party currently has the majority seats in the Riksdag, so their endorsement of the NATO application most likely means the reported application will occur tomorrow.

Current composition of the Swedish Riksdag.


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