At Least 20 Illegal Immigrants Found Dead in Semi-Truck in San Antonio, TX

Update (1329 EST): 50 has been confirmed as the final number killed. 22 Mexican nationals, 7 Guatemalan, and two Honduran nationals were identified so far. U.S. President Biden has squarely blamed human trafficking rings. Mexican Foreign Secretary Ebrard confirmed the Attorney General Office will be investigating the deaths.

Update (2133 EST): Reporting now 42 dead and 17 hospitalized.

Update (2037 EST): Local media reporting up to 40 people may be dead as emergency responder use thermal imaging cameras to attempt to find live victims in the trailer.

Update (2026 EST): Two have been hospitalized at University Hospital in San Antonio after being rescued from the semi-truck.

There is currently a heavy police presence on the 9600 Block of Quintana Road in San Antonio after the bodies of 20 illegal immigrants were found in the back of a semi-truck.

This is very reminiscent of the 7 migrants that were found in a semi-truck in San Antonio in 2017 and 19 who were found in 2003.

Details are still coming in.

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