Nine Reportedly Shot During 4th of July Parade, Highland Park, IL

Update (2125 EST): Apple Music has taken down the suspects music. Spotify still has his albums online.

Update (2053 EST): Suspect in custody.

Update (1827 EST): Crimo’s VK social media page (predominantly used in Russia) was sparsely used, but of interest his first post in 2021 was: “Hello comrades”.

Update (1823 EST):

Update (1817 EST): Photo released in hopes of finding the suspect:

Update (1806 EST): Robert E. Crimo III, driving a Silver 2010 Honda Fit has been identified as the shooter. This is his picture from his Spotify page dubbed: Awake the Rapper.

Update (1607 EST): New video has emerged where the two bursts of semi-automatic gunfire can be clearly heard. ATF and local law enforcement has confirmed a rifle was recovered.

Update (1413 EST): 6 killed and 24 hospitalized reported.

Update (1406 EST): Suspect reported as white, 18-20 years old, longer black hair, small build, white or blue shirt.

Update (1338 EST): Five reportedly killed, 16 hospitalized.

Update (1310 EST): Illinois Governor Pritzker confirmed at least 9 shot. Surrounding parade being canceled.

Emergency services tending to man shot.

Update (1259 EST): No police presence at Sunset Foods. No hostage situation. Suspect still at large as police comb the area.

Update (1252 EST): Suspect May be barricaded with hostages in local grocery store. Unconfirmed.


Update (1235 EST): Police are still searching for the suspect, who was sighted near Sunset Foods on 1810 Block of Green Bay Road, a few blocks from the shooting site.

Update (1227 EST): This child was found unattended near the scene of the shooting. Contact poster if you know who this is.

Update (1223 EST): Suspect reportedly began shooting from the roof of Uncle Dan’s Camping and Travel Store on 620 Block of Central Avenue.

Mayor Rotering of Highland Park, Illinois, confirmed that an “incident” occurred near Centeal Avenue in downtown Highland Park when a man fired two bursts of automatic gunfire from a rooftop, targeting the parade below. At least one has been confirmed killed.

This is developing.

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