Taliban Announce (Again) Reopening of Girl’s Schools

Update (1302 EST): In a surprising turn of events, Hasht-e-Subh, a popular news agency in Afghanistan claimed that Aziz Ahmad Rayan, the spokesman for the Ministry of Education of the Taliban, counterclaimed this publication’s story on the reopening of Afghan girls schools. This story was based on an official post from the Afghan Ministry of Education Twitter page which reads below. In the Twitter thread one can see the announcement and outcry from users appearing to be men in Afghanistan. This story ran by Hasht-e-Subh could indicate disinformation from that publication or the twitter page being hacked. The Hasht-e-Subh story can be found here.

The Interim Afghan Education Ministry has announced the reopening of girls’ schools starting this Thursday in a second attempt to assuage international and domestic pressure to honor the progress of the American supported Afghan government. In the message, released by the Acting Minister of Education Sheikh-ul-Quran wal Hadith Alhaj Mawlawi Noorullah “Munir” along with the Deputy Minister of Education Alhaj Mawlawi Sakhaullah “Saeed” made the announcment with the blessing of Amir-ul-Momineen Sheikh-ul-Hadith, Hibatullah Akhundzada, the leader of the Taliban.

In March, the Taliban made a similar announcement, which they reneged on several days later, drawing the ire of the international community and domestic women’s groups which protested in Kabul, causing security forces to violently crack down on the women.

There will be a press conference held later today, hopefully outlining the terms and conditions of the reopening of the schools. Check back for updates.

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