Shots Fired by UN on Civilians

Two people are dead with 15 more injured after UN forces opened fire upon civilians and border guards  at a border crossing between the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Uganda in the countries East.

The shooting was caught on video, outraging people internationally. The video shows the UN attempting to cross the border, briefly arguing when they were stopped from doing so, and then opening fire on both the border guards and civilians, including children. After opening fire, they forced their way through the barricade, and sped off. It is currently unknown why the UN convoy was stopped from crossing the border.

Outrage throughout the Congo has increased from what can only be described as immense frustration with the UN. Footage is being passed around of Congolese civilians chasing the UN Convoy out of the town of Kasindi, where the shooting occurred. DRC Government spokesman Patrick Muyaya said the DRC:

“Strongly condemns and deplores this unfortunate incident in which two compatriots died and 15 others were injured according to a provisional roll,”

MONUSCO, the UN mission that the soldiers belonged to, has said the soldiers involved have been arrested and their home countries so that they may be persecuted. 

“During this incident, soldiers from the intervention brigade of the MONUSCO force returning from leave opened fire at the border post for unexplained reasons and forced their way through.” – Part of a statement from the UN mission in Kasindi

The UN released a statement saying UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres was “saddened and dismayed” to hear of the shooting, further stating that he welcomed the arrest of the individuals that committed the shooting. 

MONUSCO says they are cooperating with Congolese authorities on the matter, but this is unlikely to satisfy the Congolese populace, who have been growing extremely angry with the UN forces. Lately anti-UN demonstrations have been taking place, which in several cases have turned violent. Many say the UN is not doing enough to combat the Eastern Congo’s many militia and rebel groups. Fighting has displaced tens of thousands despite the UN mission’s presence. In the last week, 19 people, including 3 peacekeepers, have died.

-Written by GoodHistory Contributor Sebastien G



Sébastien Gray
Sébastien Gray
Sébastien is a published journalist and historicist with over six years of experience in freelance journalism and research. His primary expertise is in African conflict and politics, with additional specialization in Israeli/Palestinian and Armenia/Azerbaijan conflicts. Sébastien serves as the deputy desk chief for Africa.


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