Multiple People Shot by Man On FB Livestream, Memphis, TN

Update (0542 EST, 08SEP22): At approximately 2300 EST on 07SEP22, Memphis police arrested Kelly and confirmed four killed and three injured in this novel “mobile mass shooting”.

Update (2135 EST): Suspect has been identified as Ezekiel Kelly, 19. His Facebook account has since been deleted which originally broadcasted the shooting more than three hours ago.

Update (2134 EST): Incident in Memphis-Arkansa Bridge is unrelated, lane closures due to previous jumper. Suspect is still at large within Memphis and has most likely not crossed state lines.

Update (2122 EST): Another victim has been wounded near McLean BLVD and Poplar Ave after the suspect randomly fired out of the car window. Police are in pursuit. Rhodes College is on lockdown. The Memphis-Arkansas bridge has been blocked as the suspect has crossed into Crittenden County, AR.

Update (2044 EST): Suspect has carjacked a great Toyota SUV after wrecking Infiniti. Multiple shots have been detected at the University of Memphis near Patterson Street, possibly the suspect who immediately fled the area.

Memphis Police are responding to reports of a man who was live streaming a shooting at an Autozone. The man who’s description is below, seemingly walked into the store and randomly fired at the first person he saw, preceded by nonsensical gibberish on the live stream. The suspect is still at large and considered extremely dangerous. The victim has reportedly been fatally wounded. The shooter’s name on Facebook is Zeek Huncho.

This is developing.


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