Election Chaos in 2022

The midterm election results have come with major developments. Democrats in Florida are reeling from much wider than expected losses in Florida, and Republicans in Pennsylvania have lost what was supposed to be a turning point Senate race. As election night came to a close, the uncertainty in the outcome is the sentiment for pivotal states like Georgia and Arizona. (TLDR summary will be at the bottom)


Raphael Warnock (D) and Herschel Walker (R) were neck and neck as the final polls came in from the polling aggregate, RCP. As of this writing, 98% of the voting has been tallied, and a runoff is more than likely with neither candidate above the 50% threshold needed to secure the seat under Georgia law. In contrasting news, Governor Brian Kemp (R) has easily won re-election with a standing +7.5 margin against perennial contender Stacey Abrams (D).


Polling mayhem came to The Copper State in convincing fashion on Tuesday. The 223 polling places in the county opened on time, but an hour into voting, some polling places began receiving concerns from voters and poll workers about malfunctioning tabulators. Officials’ initial estimation of the number of troubled polling locations was 10%.

Before they discovered and resolved the problem — time marks on ballots — that estimate was increased to 20% and then 30% of the county’s voting locations.

Instead of having a set polling station, Maricopa County polling places include on-demand printers that print ballots so that voters can cast their ballots anywhere in the county. Some printers weren’t printing the formatting marks on the ballots dark enough for the tabulators to read, according to officials.

As the race for Governor stands, Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs (D) holds a +1.8 margin lead over the opponent Kari Lake with approximately 63% of the votes tallied. The senate race is not as close with Democrat incumbent Mark Kelly holding a +6 point voting margin against challenger Blake Masters.


John Fetterman (D) won a hotly contested race against Mehmet Oz (R) on Tuesday night. With 93% of votes reported, Fetterman stands at a +3 differential and has secured his six-year term in the Senate. The Governor’s race was not close. Josh Shapiro (D) has secured his first term against Douglas Mastriano by an astounding +13 differential.


Republican U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson held a slim lead early on Wednesday in his bid to earn a third term in the hotly contested state of Wisconsin. Mandela Barnes (D) refused to concede the race before all the ballots had been tallied,

Johnson told his supporters that he was convinced Barnes had no chance of winning the race early on Wednesday but refrained from making a victory declaration.

As for the Governor’s race, Tony Evers (D) won the election with a +3.2 differential against the Republican candidate Tim Michels.


The Silver State remains an unknown quantity as of Wednesday morning with Adam Laxalt (R) holding out a +2.7 vote margin lead against the Democrat incumbent Catherine Cortez Masto. For the Governor’s race, the Republican challenger Joe Lombardo holds a +4.8 lead against the incumbent Governor, Steve Sisolak. As of this writing, 72% of the votes have been reported.









TLDR: The House of Representatives and Senate outcomes are too close to call, and polling significantly undercounted Democratic votes across several states.



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