Massive 200-Car Pile Up, Henan China

Update (0011 EST, 28DEC22): Local authorities have now estimated about 200 vehicles are involved in the pile-up.

Reports are emerging from the Zhengxin Huanghe Bridge in Henan China, where a massive 400-car pile up has been developing due to low visibility from fog and ice.

According to local Chinese media moments ago: “Currently still in rescue December 28, Zhengzhou, Henan. A major traffic accident occurred on the north-to-south section of the Zhengxin Yellow River Bridge due to heavy fog. Many people were injured and trapped at the scene of the accident. Firefighters are still in the rescue.”

At least eleven people have been rescued from their vehicles so far and emergency services have confirmed that no HAZMAT incidents have emerged. More than 13 fire rescue apparatuses have been deployed to the bridge and more than 70 firefighters are combing through the wreckage.

Information coming out of Henan has been limited to Chinese social media. This will be updated as more details emerge.

In 2017, Henan saw a similar pile up under similar weather conditions which killed nine and injured eighteen.

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