People Trapped in Large Fire, Grand Diamond City Hotel, Poipet, Cambodia

Update (1922 EST): More videos have emerged showing jumpers from at least the fifth floor. Volunteers from Bangkok have arrived and are assisting.

Update (1900 EST): At least five people have jumped to escape flames from the fifth floor of the hotel. Fire is still uncontrolled as civilian volunteers have now joined the rescue effort.

(Update 1747 EST): Emergency crews are reporting that at least fifty civilians are trapped on the roof of the complex. Local media is reporting that fire apparatuses are facing water supply issues on scene and the fire is still not under control.

At approximately 1400 EST, a fire broke out at Grand Diamond City Hotel and Casino in Poipet, Cambodia.

Although emergency services were on scene, the fire appears to have spiraled out of control and now threatens a large portion of the complex. As of 1645 EST, several explosions rang out from the casino side of the complex as the fire spread to the hotel area where people are now seen hanging out of their dwelling windows and on the roof.

No casualty numbers have been published as of this publication. However, the large complex has several restaurants, a full casino, and more than 340 rooms.

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