At Least Four Killed, Georgia Military Member in Shootout With Police

Update (2119 EST): Georgian Internal Affairs Minister Gomelauri has confirmed the special police operation has ended. The death toll has risen to six, including a police officer, with another five injured. The suspect has been confirmed as a former military member; however a identity and motive has not been released. The press statement reads below:

”He worked in the Ministry of Defense since 2006. According to operational information, which was confirmed to us, he left the military service in 2021. He also visited the mission in Afghanistan. No one knows what happened,”

Update (1852 EST): The Georgian Internal Affairs Minister has confirmed the incident as local news are reporting that the suspect has died by suicide. At least one was reportedly killed by a grenade.

According to local Georgia media, a military service member has barricaded himself on an upper floor of of a multi-story building near a hospital in Sagarejo, Georgia.

At least four have been killed and three have been wounded by the gunman who is reported to be armed with grenades and a long rifle. One of the victims is said to be a police officer.

Local police have not contained the scene and are reported to be in a shootout with the shooter. The first shots were recorded at about 1800 EST.

This is developing. Check back for details.

Sagarejo is a town in Kakheti, Georgia. It is situated 58 kilometres (36 mi) east of Georgia’s capital, Tbilisi, and has the population of 10,871 (2014 census).  It serves as an administrative center of the Sagarejo district. (Wiki)

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