Third Object Shot Down Over Yukon, Canada

At approximately 1600 EST, reports began to emerge of a third unidentified object over Yukon, Canada. By 1648 EST, the Federal Aviation Administration issued a Notice to Airmen restricting airspace in a 100nm radius above Mayo Airport in Yukon, Canada.

By 1700 EST, Canadian President Trudeau confirmed that U.S. and Canadian aircraft under NORAD had been dispatched and that a U.S. F-22 RAPTOR had brought down the object in Canadian airspace.

He also said that Canadian forces would recover and analyze the wreckage.

This is now the third U.S. shoot-down of a high altitude object since Saturday February 4th, 2023, when a U.S. F-22 downed a Chinese High Altitude Balloon carrying a SIGNT and IMINT collection satellite. Less than a week later on Friday, February 10th, 2023, U.S. F-22s had downed a high altitude object above Alaska, where recovery options are ongoing. This now gives the TMS three air-to-air kills. The image below shows NORADs update to yesterdays shootdown of which US forces are still recovering the wreckage.

By 1200 EST today, reports began to emerge that NORAD was tracking “at least two other objects”, but did not disclose the location. It is not currently clear if this object is one of the two that NORAD was tracking.

This is developing.

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