Barricade Situation, At Least 10 Killed by Gunman, Dubona Serbia

Update (2110 EST): At least three have been killed in Dubona, and five have been killed in Malo Orasje near Mladenovac, Serbia. The shooter is still barricaded in Sepsin. Serbian special forces are on scene.

Update (2005 EST): Suspect is in negotiations with police, no hostages have been taken. Local authorities are requesting blood donations for the nearly 25 injured.

At approximately 1730 EST, reports began to emerge of an active shooter situation in Dubona, Serbia. The gunman fired from a Mercedes with an automatic vehicle and immediately killed seven people and injured eleven. By 1930 EST, the death toll had risen to ten.

By 1930 EST, it became apparent that the gunman shot two groups in two neighboring villages from his vehicle and fled both scenes before coming to a residential building in Sespin, where he is now barricaded.

The suspect has been named as Uroš Bla?i?. No motive has been released and the situation is still developing.

This follows another shooting two days ago in Serbia in which a fourteen year old killed eight at an elementary school in Belgrade, Serbia.


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