Iran Names Ambassador to Saudi Arabia

More than two months after the March 2023 negotiations, brokered by China, resulted in Saudi Arabia and Iran vowing to restore diplomatic relations, Tehran has named their ambassador to Riyadh.

Alireza Enayati has been named to head up diplomatic relations after formal suspension in 2016 following the execution of Nimr al-Nimr and the 2016 attack on the Saudi diplomatic missions in Iran.

He has previously served as the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and Director General of the Persian Gulf, within the Iranian Foreign Affairs Ministry. He is a seasoned diplomat with a hawkish reputation against the United States. He has championed an economic and military bloc in the Middle East, especially between Iran and the UAE.

Enayati has been the primary touch point between Iranian-state owned media and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, informing them on embassy opening dates and other negotiations. From his previous position, these announcements seemed appropriate. However, this appointment is a clear signal that Iran intends to further influence Saudi-U.S. relations and disrupt the relative geopolitical hegemony since the Abraham Accords.

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