Two Canadian Air Force Personnel Missing After Crash, Petawawa, ON, Canada

At approximately 0712 EST, the first reports about a possible Canadian Air Force crash began to emerge. By 0830, local Canadian media confirmed that a CH-147 had crashed with four crewmen aboard. Two had been transported to a local hospital while two others remained missing. The Royal Canadian Air Force also confirmed this on their official Twitter page:

By 0840, both the Canadian Prime Minister and Defense Minister confirmed the reports and told press that rescue operations were underway for the two crewmen.

By 0850, the Canadian Armed Forces released this press statement:

As of 1200 EST, the search was ongoing and the city of Pembroke issued this warning to residents:

450 Tactical Helicopter Squadron is a Royal Canadian Air Force helicopter squadron.

450 Squadron was deactivated in 1996 before being officially disbanded on January 1, 1998. On May 2, 2012, the squadron was re-established to operate the CH-147F Chinook helicopters of the Royal Canadian Air Force, based out of CFB Petawawa.

The squadron has a dedicated concrete helipad, measuring 160 ft × 160 ft (49 m × 49 m), at Petawawa Heliport. (Wiki)

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