Russia Destroys 60,000 Tons of Ukrainian Grain in Overnight Strikes

For the past two nights, Russian loitering munitions and missile attacks have struck the Ukrainian ports of Odessa and Chornomorsk. These strikes coincide with the Russian Federation refusing to renew the Black Sea Grain Corridor which has allowed hundreds of cargo ships to transport Ukrainian grain out of the war zone and into international markets.

Despite international vows to secure future shipments, especially from the Turkish Navy, no power has been willing to intercept strikes on the port facility themselves.

Yesterday, beginning at 1806 EST, several explosions were reported in Odessa. By 1924 EST, more explosions registered in Chornomorsk, one of the other few remaining Black Sea ports under Ukrainian control. Civilians in both cities reported casualties as missiles indiscriminate struck apartment buildings.

By 2319 EST, NASA’s FIRMS software picked up on a large fire at Shkolny military airfield in Odessa Oblast as well, indicating a widespread Russian attack on military infrastructure as well. Russian sources in Sevastopol also reported that several ONIKS Coastal Defense batteries had fired at least four missiles towards Odessa.

At 0158 EST on July 19th, 2023, the Ukrainian Air Force announced it had intercepted 37 airborne targets out of the 31 missiles and 37 Shahed-136 one-way attack drones that were used. Odessa Oblast Governor Kiper also told press that refinery, grain storage, port, and civilian infrastructure had been destroyed in the hours-long attack.


By 0600 EST, the same Ukrainian Air Force spokesperson told press that they would require additional air defense systems to adequately defend both ports. President Zelensky also openly called for additional PATRIOT and SAMP-T systems to be shipped to these ports.

At 0900 EST, Ukrainian Agricultural and Food Minister Solsky announced that 60,000 tons of grain in storage facilities had been destroyed by the Russian strikes. That announcement immediately led to a spike in grain prices from 2.5 to 3%.


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