Turkish Free Cause Party Provincial Leadership Killed and Injured, Adana

Update (1230 EST): Turkish Free Cause Party Deputy Chairman Yilmaz blamed “drug barons” on the knife attack.

Moments ago, initial reports indicated that Turkish Free Cause Party Provincial General Secretary Sacit Piskin was killed and President Salih Demir was injured in an attack in Adana.

According to Onjektifa:

”It was learned that the person who lost his life as a result of the knife attack in the incident that took place in the HUDAPAR Adana provincial building was Provincial Secretary Sacit Pi?kin. Provincial President Salih Demir, who was injured in the same attack, is getting better.

Meanwhile, the police took extensive security measures in the Türkoca?? Neighborhood, where the provincial building is located. Adana Police Chief also came to the scene. It is being investigated whether the attack has a political aspect.”

This is developing.

The Free Cause Party is a Sunni Kurdish Islamist political party in Turkey. The party has been described as “an extreme Islamist party” and as “the political wing of the Iranian-backed Kurdish Hizbullah. The Association for Solidarity with Mustazafs  was established in 2004 to support those arrested and their families as a result of the police operation named as Beykoz Operation targeting Hezbollah. The association was closed in 2012 on the grounds that it was a continuation of Hezbollah. After the association was closed, then, since it was difficult to close political parties in Turkey, Movement of the Oppressed continued its activities by founding the Free Cause Party. (wiki)

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