Russian Servicemember Reportedly Attempts to Break into Cockpit of Commercial Flight

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According to VSE.42, a local Russian news agency, a Russian service member from an Assault Brigade stationed in the Primorsky Krai attempted to gain access to a commercial flight from Vladivostok to Moscow. He ultimately failed and was removed by police after the flight was redirected to Krasnoyarsk. As of this publication, this is a single source report. However, due to the numerous reports of Russian service members from the Eastern Military District, specifically Primorsky Krai, appealing to Russian politicians for relief from meat grinding operations in Ukraine, this story seems to add another data point to that trend.

The report from VSE reads below:

“On the night of October 22, on a flight from Vladivostok to Moscow, a Russian plane was forced to make an emergency landing in Krasnoyarsk. It is reported that a 32-year-old soldier of the air assault brigade of one of the Primorye units during the flight demanded that the stewards open the passenger door.

When the military man realized that his demand would not be met, he tried to break into the cockpit.

The aircraft commander reported what was happening on board and landed at an alternate airfield in Krasnoyarsk, Lenta.ru reports

After the plane landed, the man was removed from the flight by police officers.”

This has not been confirmed by Western media.