17 Inmates Escape from San Miguel de Uncia Penitentiary Center in Potosí, Bolivia

Bianca Bridger
Bianca Bridger
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What You Need to Know:

At least 17 inmates escaped from San Miguel de Uncia penitentiary center on March 3rd as a result of ‘carelessness’ by the center’s security personnel. 

The inmates escaped from the prison’s third tower at around 12 noon, with only two inmates, who had attempted to cross Potosí’s regional border on foot, recaptured. 


Police have responded with ‘Plan Z’ to recapture the 15 inmates still missing. Several parts of the Jaime Mendoza Highway have been closed and security services have amassed in the north of the region. 

An investigation by the region’s prosecutors is currently underway, although it is believed that the inmates used various homemade tools to escape through the prison’s mesh security perimeter.  

The escaped inmates are as follows: José Luis Mamani Aira, Jaime Mamani Pacaja, Ronald Catorceno Colque, Mario Yergo Condori, Santiago Alvarado Copa, José Armando Checo Chuncho, Luciano Ramos Ticona, Alberto Jimenes Valeriano, Santos Raúl Chuncho Chayaco, Vicente Francisco Benegas, Carlos Huarabia Gutiérrez, Walter Nava Reynaga, Juan José Choque Lopez, Manuel Huanca Yana, Wilfredo Inca Montaño and Alejandro Ayaviri Colque.