Italy to Provide 4.4 Million Dollars to Food Project in Mozambique

Bianca Bridger
Bianca Bridger
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What You Need to Know:

A “Project for Improving the Inclusive and Sustainable Development of Agricultural Value Chains” ( MAIS VALOR II) has been drawn up this week between the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) and the Mozambican Ministry of Industry and Commerce, who signed a memorandum of understanding this week, enabling the facilitation of the project in coming months. 

The project, funded by a 4.4 million dollar pledge from Italy’s Agency for Development Cooperation seeks to create a flourishing coffee and fruit and vegetable industry in Manica and northern Cabo Delgado.

The Details:

The first rendition of the project ‘MAIS VALOR I’ focused on coffee production and agro-processing on Ibo Island, in Cabo Delgado province. 

“We hope that with the formalization of the Mais Valor II Programme, we can contribute to agro-processing and the empowerment of small and medium-sized companies in the area of fruit and vegetables and coffee and find creative ways to strengthen youth employment opportunities,” said Jamie Muniz, UNIDO representative to Mozambique. 

The Mozambican Ministry of Industry and Commerce stated on their website, “the main objective of the Memorandum of Understanding is to allow the exchange of information and coordination in carrying out joint monitoring activities in the implementation of the activities of the aforementioned Project. This is a project that aims to boost the agricultural sector in the provinces of Manica and Cabo Delgado, seeking to improve the value chains of Ibo coffee in Cabo Delgado, fruit growing and coffee in Manica.” 

According to local Press ‘Club of Mozambique’, the Ministry’s Secretary Jorge Jairoce is of the belief that the program will bring welcome stability to the province of Cabo Delgado, which had been plagued by increasing attacks by Islamic extremists. 

“You have to understand that not all of Cabo Delgado province is in a critical military situation. We think this project will help stabilize the economic and social situation of the people who live there,” stated Jairoce.

So, What Now?:

Italy’s investment in Mozambique’s agricultural sector indicates its continuing commitment to ‘cooperation between equals’ as posited by Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni during the Italy-Africa summit in January. 

During the summit Meloni unveiled the ‘Mattei Development Plan’ for Africa, initially pledging 5.95 Billion dollars to its implementation. 

The plan focuses on education and training, agriculture, health, water, and energy in Africa, with Meloni seeking to transform Italy into a ‘energy hub’ to transport African natural gas to the rest of Europe.