Three Lynched in Connection to Murder of Eight Year Old Girl, Mexico

Trent Barr
Trent Barr
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Three people, a woman and two men, were lynched in connection with the murder of an eight-year-old girl by the name of Camila in the city of Taxco, located in Mexico’s Guerrero state.

This article contains graphic videos and imagery.

Mob Justice:

The woman, identified as Ana Rosa Díaz Aguilar, is the mother of one of Camila’s friends, who had kidnapped the child while Camila had come over to play. After her disappearance, Camila’s mother received a call demanding 250,000 pesos in order to secure her daughter’s release.

Security camera footage captured Ana Rosa and a man leaving her home with a basket of dirty laundry as well as a black garbage bag. The pair would place the containers in the back of a taxi and leave the area. Authorities successfully located and arrested the taxi driver who confessed to the murder. Following his confession, police found the girl’s body off the side of a highway nearly 110 kilometers (68 miles) from the city.

Following the discovery, police stood by Ana Rosa’s house while awaiting the arrest warrants for those involved; however, residents of the neighborhood would converge on Ana Rosa’s home, where they encountered Ana Rosa, two men, and a teenager. The mob dragged the three from the house and demanded the teenager stay out of the way. Once in the street, the mob began attacking the three with bottles, boards, and other objects, while footage shows the crowd stomping on what appears to be Ana Rosa. The two men have been identified as Axel Alejandro and Alfredo Aguilar Estrada, sons of Ana Rosa, who have been hospitalized following the lynching.

“The diagnosis of the two men is stable; one has a skull fracture and will be discharged in the next few hours; the other remains hospitalized until the surgery is scheduled due to the double arm fracture he presents,” Evelyn Salgado, a spokesperson for the government, stated.

Police who attempted to calm the populace were met with fierce resistance, eventually allowing the mob to lynch those suspected. Following the attack, Ana Rosa died from her wounds while being transported to custody.

The State Prosecutor’s Office has stated that an investigation has been launched against those who participated in the lynching.

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