Suspected Israeli Airstrike Next to Iranian Embassy, Damascus Syria

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Update (1213 EST): Fars News Agency, the media wing of the IRGC has confirmed the death of Mohammad Reza Zahedi.

Update (1142 EST): SOHR has updated the casualty number to eight killed.

Update (1133 EST): Senior IRGC official Mohammad Reza Zahedi was reportedly killed in this strike which targeted the Consular section of the Iranian embassy. He previously commanded its Air Force and Ground Force and has served as one of the top commanders of the Quds Force. If true, this would be the highest ranking commander in the IRGC killed since Soleimani. The Syrian Armed Forces has also acknowledged the strike but has not named the state of Israel.

At approximately 1000 EST, initial reports indicated several explosions after air defenses activated over Damascus, Syria. The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) was the first official body to comment on the incident, confirming the explosions next to the Iranian Embassy in al-Mazzeh, Damascus, Syria. Local media have attributed the explosions to Israeli airstrikes, but this has not been confirmed as of this publication. A picture of the Iranian embassy is included below for refence:


By 1030 EST, casualty numbers had been reported at six killed. SOHR had also reported that a senior Iranian official was targeted in the strike. However, that is a single-source report at the moment. While not probably the target of the strike, the Iranian ambassador to Syria and his family is reportedly in Syria.

The Iranian Embassy in Syria has issued the following condemnation of the attack, without naming the state of Israel:

“We strongly condemn the targeting of the vicinity of the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran in the Mezzeh region in Syria. This barbaric Israeli aggression is a blatant violation of international laws, diplomatic norms, and the requirements of the Vienna Convention, and is in the name of the so-called international community.”

This is developing.

Only five days ago did the IRGC confirm the deaths of several of its officers in Israeli airstrikes in Syria.