Jaysh al-Adl Launches Simultaneous Attack on IRGC and IRIN Bases, Rask and Chah Bahar, Iran

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Update (1850 EST): The Sistan and Balochistan Province, Iran Deputy Security and Law Enforcement has confirmed the death of three security personnel in the attacks.

Update (1815 EST): Iranian authorities have told IRNA that militants failed to penetrate any base defenses and that three had been killed in Rask.

Developing Attacks 

At approximately 1712 EST, initial reports indicated that an armed attack was underway at an Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) base in Rask, Iran.

By 1715 EST, Jaysh Al-Adl claimed that it had launched simultaneous attacks in Southern Balochistan, Iran. It had also called on its supporters to stay indoors in Rask, Sarbaz, and Chah Bahar.

By 1730 EST, reports of intense firefights emerged from several Iranian military bases across the country including two Iranian Navy facilities in Chah Bahar and an IRGC base in Rask.

As of this publication, the group is claiming complete control over the Colonel Kochzai (12th) police station in Chah Bahar and the IRGC base in Rask. The group has also claimed to have killed dozens of police and military members at the station and Imam Ali Chah Bahar Hospital.

The Iranian government has not commented on the ongoing situation.

Who is Jaysh al-Adl?

According to the United States Office of the Director of National Intelligence: “Jundallah, which changed its name in 2012 to Jaysh al-Adl (JAA), is a Sunni militant group based in Iran’s Sistan-Baluchistan province. The group is also known as the “People’s Resistance of Iran.”

Jundallah’s former leader, Abdolmalek Rigi, founded the group in 2002 or 2003 and served as its leader until the Iranian Government captured and executed him in 2010. After that, the group splintered into several elements—of which JAA became the most active and influential. Iran considers JAA to be Jundallah’s successor and the leader of Baluch resistance in Iran. The group’s stated goals are to secure recognition of Baluchi cultural, economic, and political rights from the Iranian Government and to spread awareness of the plight of the Baluch people.”