Russian Forces Claim Control Over Part of Strategic City in Donetsk

Eoin Kavanagh
Eoin Kavanagh
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In recent developments in the war in Donbas, the Russian Ministry of Defense (MoD) stated that its southern armed group has gained full control over the “Channel” district within Chasov Yar, located in the Donetsk Oblast.

Recent Developments

As of July 3, the Russian forces managed to occupy the entire “Channel” district (known as the “New district” by military staff) on the eastern outskirts of Chasov Yar, according to both the Russian MoD and Ukrainian sources.

Maps of the latest developments in Eastern Ukraine. CREDIT: Ria Novosti.

This small district, featuring high-rise residential buildings and an industrial zone, is separated from the city center by the Seversky Donets-Donbass canal. Ukrainian commander Bogdan Khodakovskiy stated on Telegram Channel “Deep State” that Russian troops seized the area “at the cost of huge losses and the actual destruction of all high-rise buildings.”

Reportedly, the Russian forces have managed to establish two small bridgeheads on the western bank of the canal.

Satellite imagery reportedly showing razed buildings in the “Channel” district of Chasov Yar. CREDIT: “Deep State” Telegram Channel.

The “Deep State” Telegram channel argued that holding the district would have led to increased losses for the Ukrainian forces, concluding that a withdrawal was a logical decision.

About Chasov Yar

Located approximately five kilometers (three miles) west of Bakhmout, Russian forces had reached the outskirts of Chasov Yar by mid-April.

The city’s population was 13,999 in January 2013, but it dropped to 800 by December 2023, as reported by Radio Free Europe.

Russia-1 media channel confirmed that, despite the Russian gains, there are still civilians in the area, reporting to live with “no electricity.”

Strategic Significance

Chasov Yar is recognized for its operational-strategic significance: the elevated position of the city could allow Russian forces to use artillery to target Kramatorsk, the region’s largest mining city which also hosts a Ukrainian garrison.

This geographical advantage is perceived as pivotal for facilitating potential breakthroughs into more densely populated regions.

Ukrainian military sources believe that the loss of the city could be imminent.