Moldova’s PM Pledges to Strengthen Relations with Ukraine

Moldova’s PM Pledges to Strengthen Relations with Ukraine


Eyes have been on the country of Moldova as of late. There has been numerous statements made by governments in the region that have led many to speculate that an attack from Russia via Transnistria is imminent.

With those following the war in Ukraine now keeping their attention on Moldova in anticipation, the Moldovan Prime Minister gave a speech in Bucharest, Romania today.

The two prime ministers delivering their speeches.

While delivering the speech, Dorin Recean pledged to strengthen Moldova’s economic ties with neighboring Romania.

The Romanian Prime Minister, Nicoale Ciuca voiced his countries support for Moldova.

Eventually in their speeches, both Prime Ministers made it clear that their nations would continue to support Ukraine.

Keep in mind, Moldova is very dependent on Russia for gas.

This dependency was address when Dorin Recean stated that Moldova is currently in talks with Romania over long-term contracts that would see Romania supply Moldova with electricity and gas.

The Filthy American
The Filthy American
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