Protests in the Georgian Capital Tbilisi Continue

Protests in the Georgian Capital Tbilisi Continue


Protesters in the country of Georgia have gathered for a second night to protest new legislation proposed by the Georgian parliament. 

The new legislation would see any Georgian organization which receives more the 20% of their funding from outside of the country have to register as “foreign agents”. 

Yesterday, the first night of protests escalated into violent clashes with police attempting to disperse the crowds.

According to the Georgian Interior Ministry, 66 people were arrested.

Protests again kicked off earlier today with the protesters criticizing the new legislation as being evidence of Russian influence in the country.

Protesters claim the new legislation would be used to crackdown on dissent and also drive a wedge between Georgia and Europe.

Because of this, the protests have taken a pro-Ukrainian stance as well. 

The Filthy American
The Filthy American
Formerly a resident of Iraqi Kurdistan during the Iraq war, now in the American south. Writing about conflicts, culture, geopolitics and anything I think a reader will find worth reading.
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