Brazilian Navy Seizes 3.6 Tons of Cocaine at Sea

Chase Baker
Chase Baker
Chase is a seasoned journalist and former resident of Iraqi Kurdistan. With a background in English and Philosophy from the College of Charleston, Chase covered the 2022 conflict in eastern Ukraine, including cities like Kharkiv, Bakhmut, and Kramatorsk. He has also produced short documentaries in Ukraine and the U.S., and has been with Atlas for three years.

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In a significant operation off the northeastern coast of Pernambuco state, the Brazilian Navy announced on Tuesday that they successfully intercepted a small motor boat, detaining five crew members en route to Africa. The vessel, primarily utilized for both people and cargo transit along the coast, was found to be harboring a staggering 3.6 metric tons of cocaine – marking Brazil’s largest single off-shore confiscation of the drug.

According to the Brazilian Navy, a total of over 17 tons of cocaine, 4.3 tons of hashish, 695 tons of cigarettes, 113.34 tons of fish, 14 tons of marijuana, and a remarkable 3,146 cubic meters of wood have been successfully intercepted and confiscated since 2020.