“Afuera!” New Argentinian President Cuts Number of Ministries in Half, Starts “Shock Treatment” to Cut Government Spending

On his first day of office, newly elected Libertarian President Javier Milei cut the number of Argentina government ministries in half, starting what he has called “shock treatment” which aims to carry out sweeping government spending cuts to combat rampant inflation.
Keeping inline with one of his main campaign promises, Milei signed a decree to cut the following ministries:
  • Transportation
  • Public Works
  • Health
  • Social Development
  • Education
  • Women, Genders and Diversity
  • Culture
  • Science and Technology
  • Environment
  • Tourism and Sports
  • Territorial Development

Milei, a self described anarcho-capitalist, had risen in popularity due to what many considered to be “radical” ideas for sweeping government spending cuts and ministry shutdowns, as well as abolishing the country’s central bank and dollarizing the economy as Argentina faces worsening inflation and poverty rates.
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