Dutch Prime Minister: “Stop Whining about Trump and Focus on Europes Interests”

Matthew Dellinger
Matthew Dellinger
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What Happened:

Europe was angered this week by former President Trump’s comments about those who wouldn’t pay NATO dues. However, Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte has called on Europe’s leaders to focus on the future of Europe and not worry about the comments Trump made about NATO. “We should stop moaning, whining and nagging about Trump,” Rutte told the Munich Security Conference. He also added, “It’s up to the Americans. I’m not an American, I cannot vote in the U.S. We have to work with whoever is on the dance floor.”

Much like other European leaders, he has called on Europe to ramp up arms production and spending on military expansion. He argues that increasing European support for Ukraine is in all of Europe’s interest.

The Details:

Although many European politicians have had much to say about Trump’s comments on NATO, PM Rutte’s is an odd change in direction. Earlier this week, Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk expressed anger and concern about Trump’s comments, saying it signaled a very real threat to Europe. However, PM Rutte has taken the opportunity to point out that there needs to be an actual strengthening of the European military instead of focusing on Trump’s comments.

Rutte also spoke to U.S. officials at the Munich Conference and was “cautiously optimistic” that the U.S. will pass another aid package to Ukraine soon. Currently, that aid is stuck in the House of Representatives as Republican’s grapple with siding with their party’s frontrunner, Donald Trump, or siding with their Democratic colleagues. President Biden has also urged Republican’s in the House to work with Democrats and get the bill passed sooner rather than later.

What’s Next:

Europe is likely to begin strengthening its defensive ties with each other. Even with Trump’s comments, Europe has been looking at the threat Russia poses and has been rapidly trying to build up their individual militaries. Germany, Poland, and France are leading the charge by building military infrastructure as rapidly as they can.

President Biden has been critical of Trump’s comments, stating, “Can you imagine a former president of the United States saying that? The whole world heard it.”. He also said, “The worst thing is, he means it. No other president in our history has ever bowed down to a Russian dictator.”.

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