Tunnels | Episode 3

WatchTunnels | Episode 3

Episode 3 of ‘Conflict Unveiled’ focuses on ‘Tunnels’ – a critical aspect of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. This episode presents a straightforward, factual look at how the tunnel networks have been a key factor in the hostilities between the IDF and Hamas. We explore the origins of these tunnels, their impact on the conflict’s escalation, and the methods employed by the IDF to counteract them. Featuring interviews and insights, this episode aims to provide a clear understanding of the strategic significance of the tunnels. Join us for a balanced and direct exploration of this crucial element in the ongoing conflict, where we strive to present the facts and the realities on the ground without bias.

Filmed and Edited by:
Dylan Roberts

Contributing Journalists:
Mattia Sorbi

Shant Kel Khatcherian 

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