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Tatarstan Strike: A Breakdown

What to Know: On April 2, Ukraine carried out drone attacks against industrial zones in Nizhnekamsk and Yelabuga, Tatarstan, some 1,200km away from the front, marking the deepest strikes against Russian infrastructure since the start of the invasion. One of the...

ISIS Suspect Arrested in Barcelona

What to Know: Spain's Civil Guard and Ministry of Interior have announced that a suspect was arrested in Barcelona for his alleged membership to the Islamic State after authorities "detected an intense propaganda activity of the detainee in favor of...

SITREP: Crocus City Hall Attack (GRAPHIC)

BREAK DOWN Date: March 22, 2024 Location: Crocus City Hall, Moscow Fatalities: At least 133 Injured: Over 100 Suspects: 4x Assailants, reportedly Tajik Suspect Status: Captured Motive: Islamic State attack   EVENTS 19:55- Entry into Complex On March 22, 2024, at proximately 19:55...

ISIS Publishes Photos of Moscow Attackers, Releases Statement

What to Know: After claiming responsibility for the Crocus City Hall attack in Moscow, the Islamic State has released a statement through its Amaq news agency detailing some of the events and releasing blurred photos of the attackers. At least...

Battle Damage Assessment: Dnipro Hydroelectric Station

What to Know: The Dnipro Hydroelectric Station, the largest hydroelectric power plant in Ukraine, was damaged on March 22 after being hit by two Russian Kh-101 ALCMs during a large-scale missile attack against Ukraine last night, which targeted power infrastructure across...

Continued Threat of Iranian Retaliation Against Homeland Over Soleimani Killing, FBI Warns

What to Know: While speaking to the House Committee on Homeland Security, the assistant director for the FBI’s Counterterrorism Division, Robert Wells, warned that "Iran continues to plot attacks against former government officials in retaliation for the death of IRGC-QF Commander...

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