Taiwan and China Conduct Search for Missing Fisherman Near Matsu Islands

Taiwan’s Coast Guard (TCG) began Search and Rescue (S&R) operations to assist the Chinese Coast Guard (CCG) after a Chinese fisherman fell overboard near Matsu Island on March 15th.

The fisherman, a crew member from the fishing vessel Minlianyu 60911, fell overboard as the person walked along the boat’s edge at 12 p.m. local time on March 14th. The incident occurred in an area 3.45 miles (5.55 km) east of Sanlian and Beigan Islands, about 2.49 miles (4 km) outside of the Matsu’s restricted borders.

The Minlianyu first attempted to locate the missing fisherman but was unable to find the person, opting to return to China to report the incident. The CCG sent one CCG ship and three to four fishing boats to begin S&R operations to locate the missing person.

The TCG received a request to assist at 12:30 a.m. on March 15th and sent two to three vessels to assist in the operation. The TCG said they plan to assist the CCG in a coordinated search for approximately 72 hours per search procedures.

The incident at Matsu occurs one day after TCG and CCG began S&R operations to locate two missing fishermen near Kinmen Island.