Philippine Military Announce Resupply Missions to Four SCS Sites in April

The Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) announced during a press conference that they will conduct resupply missions to four features in the South China Sea in the first week of April. AFP spokesperson Army Colonel Francel Margareth Padilla made the announcement during a press conference on March 12th.

The AFP will conduct the Rotation and Reprovision missions to the following four sites: Loaita Island (Kota Island), Thitu Island (Pagasa Island), Loaita Cay (Panata Island), and Northeast Cay (Parola Island).

The Philippine military previously conducted two resupply missions to outposts on Nanshan Island (Lawak Island) and Flat Island (Patag Island) in mid-February.

Philippine officials pointed out an increase in the presence of “several Chinese Coast Guard (CCG) and Chinese Maritime Militia (CMM) vessels” near several of the features in February and early March. Padilla pointed out that the AFP counted at least 50 CCG and CMM ships in the SCS as of March 11th.