North Korea May Walk Away from 1991 Inter-Korea Agreement at Upcoming Meeting

South Korea’s Unification Ministry said that North Korea will likely scrap a 1991 inter-Korea agreement at the country’s 14th Supreme People’s Assembly (SPA).

The agreement, Agreement on Reconciliation, Non-Aggression, and Exchanges and Cooperation between South and North Korea, said that inter-Korean “ties were designated as a ‘special relationship’ tentatively formed in the process of seeking reunification, not as state-to-state relations.”

At the last SPA meeting in January 2024, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un urged the assembly to revise the country’s constitution to define South Korea as its “invariable principal enemy.” Kim also urged the assembly to codify the commitment to occupy all of South Korea if a war occurs.

The ministry said that North Korea could potentially remove the clauses related to unification and territorial boundaries “while adding clauses related to unification by force.”

North Korea could also announce a revamp of the foreign ministry’s organizational structure and personnel reshuffles for the SPA to take over inter-Korean topics from the ministry. The country would also likely hold an election to select new deputies for the assembly.