Maldivian President Says Former President Lied Over Flats and Land List

Current Maldivian President Mohammed Muizzu denied former President Ibrahim Mohammed Solih’s comments regarding his government’s ability to hand out “flats and land” on March 30th.

The president also said that “being able to be president for five years is not a licence to lie as you wish. It’s not a licence for it, its not a justification.”

Muizzu then said that he will ask the people to “give him another opportunity in the parliamentary elections to do things that he has not been able to do.” He pointed out that the Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) has a parliamentary majority and is preventing his government from completing the government’s tasks and “lying on top of it.”

Furthermore, the president said that the distribution of the “flats and land to a separate list was done by the Solih government.” He then stated that the President’s Office created a separate list and that flats and land were given to individuals on that list.

During a recent MDP campaign rally, Solih said that the current government cannot “give away the flats as they wish” since the MDP maintains its majority in parliament.