Several North Korean Soldiers Reportedly Injured or Killed Due to Landmines Awhile Working along DMZ

The South Korean Joint Chiefs of Staff announced that several North Korean soldiers were injured or killed due to setting off landmines while they were working in the DMZ.

The statement said that the soldiers were working in the DMZ “in an unreasonable manner despite the fact that many casualties are occurring” due to several landmine explosions while clearing land and laying landmines in the frontline area.

North Korea is conducting various tasks in about 10 locations along the DMZ, mobilizing a few dozen to several hundred people per location.

The JCS said it is considered unusual for the North Korean military to mobilize thousands of personnel to work along the DMZ.

The construction along the DMZ comes as the North Korean military is also building anti-tank barriers 13 to 16 feet (four to five meters) along some areas of the Northern Limit Line in recent weeks.