Philippine Solicitor General Office File Petition to Cancel Alice Guo’s Birth Certificate

On July 5th, the Philippines’ Solicitor General Office filed a petition to cancel Bamban Mayor Alice Guo’s birth certificate.

The Solicitor General, Menardo Guevarra, said they want to cancel Guo’s birth certificate because it does not comply with “the legal requirements for late registration.” The Philippine Statistics Agency said during a Senate hearing that the document was registered in November 2005, when Guo was a teenager.

Guevarra said that Guo did not provide the supporting documents required to register a late birth certificate. He also said that the local registrar recorded Guo’s Certificate of Live Birth (COLB) even though it was incomplete and lacked the necessary documents.

The Solicitor General said that the inconsistencies found in the COLBs for Guo’s siblings indicate a pattern of “deliberate falsehoods.”