French Law Enforcement Announce Tenth Death Due to Unrest in New Caledonia

On July 11th, local authorities said that unrest in New Caledonia caused the deaths of ten individuals. The latest death occurred on July 10th during a firefight in the town of Saint Louis, located near the capital of New Caledonia.

The firefight happened as a GIGN unit cleared a section of the RP1 Roadway to reestablish movement between South Province and the rest of the island. A group of armed men reportedly entered the Church of Saint Louis and fired at the GIGN, with the unit returning fire.

The individual killed during the firefight is allegedly the nephew of pro-independence politician and local territorial Congress President Roch Wanytan.

French security forces said gunfire occurred in the same area on July 9th.

On July 7th, security forces evacuated two nuns from the mission after “armed rioters” threatened and ordered them to leave.